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Christina Pappas
I have this URL built and I have a campaign that says if any form is filled out and web page querystring contains Capterra OR referrer contains Capterra. Then add to campaign and sync to SF campaign.   It is not working. Any ideas? I cant add it at the form level since our

Macarena Mazzeo
Hi All,   I’ve recently attended a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) workshop and wanted to give you an overview of the certification and a couple of tips, which I hope you find useful!   Currently there are less that 150 people that possess this certification, so if you really want to distinguish yourself as a Marketo
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Caryl Mostacho
Happy New Year Toronto Users!   Looking forward to starting off 2018 with a MUG meeting at the PointClickCare offices! We're excited to have Andrew Sinclair as our featured speaker for our meeting!   Sales and marketing alignment has long been a priority of marketing, this has intensified as account-based models have gained in