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Ele De verr
Hello, has anyone created a smart list to see the number of 'true' marketable leads in their database? When I look on the database dashboard, the number of 'marketable leads' displaying doesn't match recent send campaigns (just as an example) indicating that Marketo may count duplicate emails into this end 'marketable' leads total. Would love to… (Show more)
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Hossein Jalali
On Salesforce we have a field called "Unsubscribed Campaign Name". Is it possible to pass on the campaign name which the user clicked on unsubscribe to come to unsubscribe form and pass it as a hidden field? Would I need to pass it as a parameter on all unsubscribe emailers? Is there an easier way? Thank you.
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Rasmus Bidstrup
Hi, im using Email 2.0 for my clients templates.. When they make the same modules multiple times, each new get a new name  -1, -2, -3 and so on.   The issue is, that the URL on the button is a global variable, so if i change one URL, all of them changes... Is there anywhere to make the NOT global, so each can be edited separately?  
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Yun Bai
Hi Marketo Experts,   My goal is to capture Junk leads by smart list, then "Change Owner to "Queue: Archived Leads". Leads were able added to SFDC with the correct Lead Owner. However, Marketo behavior is wired. In the campaign results, either with "Skipped No owner changed" or "Change Owner" = Empty.   When I dig into Lead's Activity log.… (Show more)
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Ranae Mogensen
Hi,   I thought this would be simple, but I must be missing a step. I published a blog post last week. At the end of the blog post is a CTA to a landing page with a form. I'd like to attribute the downloads to the blog post.   Does anyone know how to do this quickly?   Thank you! Ranae
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Robb Barrett PRD
This is a problem that was just handed to me today. I'm not super familiar with how the SFDC > Marketo Opp sync works so I'm hoping someone can help me identify the problem here.   MKTO:Lead created on 3/24 MKTO:Synched to SFDC moments later MKTO:Converted to Contact on 3/25 MKTO: Added to Opportunity on 3/25 No unit price / dollar amount… (Show more)
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Mariah Menendez
I have a post-demo nurture campaign running to any opportunity marked with the stage Post Demo Positive, Post Demo Luke Warm or Post Demo Negative.   Each has its own smart campaign. Below I've taken screenshots of the smart lists and flows. For several weeks our sales reps keep getting tasks and prospects keep getting emails even though the… (Show more)
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Steven Vanderberg
For those in highly regulated industries, your company may additionally require that you securely encrypt the Marketo tracking links embedded in Marketo emails. Remember that Marketo takes the URLs you place inside of emails and shortens them using the "Branded Tracking Link" domain (this is another CNAME you set up in Marketo under Admin-->…
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Greg Lang
Hello Marketing Nation!   I am working on a project for a proprietary online tool that requires a registration (Marketo Form). The program requires 3 separate smart campaigns in order to serve the lead a different drip campaign based on their actions - either abandoning or completing the tool to the end.   Here are the three scenarios I need to… (Show more)
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Lawrence Mien
I'm currently working on implementing GDPR practices and I've run into an interesting situation with my data and legal colleagues located in Russia.   My colleagues insists that if we obtained their data from an "open source" third-party, they have consented to us using their data by giving their data to that third party. For example, if someone… (Show more)
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