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Rocky Patel
Sanford Whiteman Hello.  Once a user starts a form and submits I need to run the below code.  How can I do it?   When a user starts the form, run this code:     _satellite.track('form_start', {       form_type:'[ type of the form ]',       form_title:'[

Manjari Fergusson
Having trouble with a form. I have created a form on my website, and in the auto email that gets sent to marketing when someone fills out the form, I can't figure out how to get all the fields to show up.   I have added a token for each of the questions, but one of them is just a text box where the person can fill in their own answer. there
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Ronn Burner
Here is what I'm being told from above that I need to solve for. I can't figure this out.   Think of our product model as DirecTV. A customer can go online and select (subscribe) to any channel or combination of channels they choose. - - So I have 10 ala carte products and a new subscriber signs up to any 1 single product or any number
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Jeff Foster
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