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Michelle Miles
It’s happened to all of us who use Marketo. We’ve gone through the training, we work in the platform and we feel like we have a pretty good grasp on the most effective way to handle campaigns. And then one day, a colleague comes along and says, “Hmmm, why are you doing it that way? You should just do it like this!”   And in that aha moment,… (Show more)
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Heyuting Dora Li
Backgroud: We launch a program, and it lasts for about a month. Target members: random   Question: Surely, the hehavior  score and person score of those target members'  have been changed. How to calculate the changed numbers due to the program
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Click to view content    MISSION STATEMENT An elite community uniting Marketo’s most passionate and strategic customers and partners to be the trusted brand ambassadors and change agents of the Marketing Nation®. Marketo Champions share their expertise, best practices, and strategies to help Marketo customers thrive.   OBJECTIVES Develop deep connections with our…
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Grégoire Michel
Click to view contentAs this is a recurrent request in this community, here are the various ways of setting up the unsubscribe links in Marketo, and when one should use them.   … (Show more)
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Akshay Morkhade
Hey, Can anyone please help me out with this ?? I have uploaded images in the database but I can't see the images when I am trying to grab the images from the web it's redirecting to my company website. Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks
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Do you have lots of bad data living in Marketo? Is your Marketo rep nagging you to upgrade because your Marketo database is over the limit? A hot tub is not really too useful in the middle of the desert and neither is bad data in your database.   Bad data is bad news. Not only does it clog your database and hike up your costs and software… (Show more)
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Champions are Marketo's most advanced customers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the Marketo Community, are Marketo Certified Experts, are avid contributors in the social world, and are loyal advocates of the Marketo brand. Applications are currently closed for 2018 and will reopen at a later date for the 2019 Champion class.   To…
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Megan Pettit
My organization is moving to more of an account based Marketing approach for 2019. Our execs have identified large target account lists, think fortune 1000 and top 200 law firms lists. I need to figure out the best way to tag these contacts under the target accounts in our database so we can track our baseline engagement with these accounts now,… (Show more)
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Charu Gupta
Click to view contentI want to resend an email to people who did not open the email and unsubscribed it. These are the filters I used. but the count is coming out to be "0". Wondering if I am using the right set of filters. Which filters to use for the same.   Also, I am adding some emails (Marketing names) that gets all the email regardless. I'd greatly appreciate… (Show more)
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Jeff Shearer
Chicken or fish? It’s as if every program or event has some random, custom field requirement. Dietary restrictions at an event, questions for a webinar, or a time slot for an in-person consultation. Fields aren’t exactly hard to create in Marketo, but they live on forever once they’re created, and can lead to a ton of confusion later. Avoid the… (Show more)
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