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Jimmy Forde
Hello-   I am trying to edit some video tracking mechanisms into landing page templates using munchkin. I was able to implement the below code without issue and am able to track video starts and finishes. However, I want to be able to parse out how much of the video they watched into percentages ( like 25%, 50%, 75%). I have tried

Fernando Garcia
I've been playing around with the idea of turning checkboxes into switches for a while now. I've finally succeeded in doing so using pure CSS at the form level, hence making it easy to call the form on either embed or in a landing page without much issue at all.   Below, I outline the CSS I use, and the steps I go through in order to update
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Lisa Docter
Hi, I'm trying to send an alert email to a sales person if someone clicks two or more email links in an engagement program.  Would like to have them click a link in two different emails but not sure that's possible. I have a progression set up as follows with all eight emails in the "email is" section.  Will this work as I'm intending
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Ronn Burner
What is the best way to build a dynamic Upsell Program?   The Keys are 1. Program Re-Entry (or Loop) every 30 days after subscribing to a product (successful upsell conversion) and 2. Dynamic Segmentation to ensure they receive the version of the email that applies to them. Obviously this would require an exit condition or transition for