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Gerard Donnelly
Just wanted to point out that Josh Hill, Grégoire Michel and Sanford Whiteman are all now level 10 in the community. Fair play and thanks for helping to solve mine and everyone's problems.

Jessica Sprinkel
Hi all, we have a Solution Engagement field to keep track of all the products that prospects are engaged with. I'm already using this sort of workflow to populate new products into the Solution Engagement field: Handling Multi-Select Fields in Salesforce   But what I want to know is, how can I de-select a value that's already populated on a
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Amy Walker
Hope someone out there can help....   Marketing Management wants to see what tele is doing with end user marketing content engagement and in what period of time. So that all form completions and email clicks trigger an email alert sent to the person's owner (taken from SFDC) and a task is assigned to him/her.   Tele is now freaking